Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Rooster and a Shower!

This week Sam said he met a rooster named "Kin Kin" who responds to his name! He thought that was pretty amazing and something that Dad could relate to! :) Sam also reports that they moved to a new house that has 2 bathrooms and a shower. He is excited to have a shower, which is rare, even though it is cold water. He said that at least it motivates him to exercise in the morning and work up a sweat so it feels a little better. He loves the area that he is in right now--yummy mangos are in season and the best there is! He has a baptism scheduled for Saturday and another one getting ready. He had the opportunity to help harvest peanuts--he didn't know they grew under ground! (What are they teaching these kids in school?) :) He says he still loves his mission--I think he will until the very end!