Sunday, October 23, 2011

Surprise for Elder Pettit!

Surprise! I’m staying in Mandurriao for another transfer! I was actually quite startled when I heard. This will be my first companion I’ve been with for 3 transfers. But luckily we get along well so it shouldn't be a struggle.

Last night was kind of emotional for me. After stake conference, we headed home and ate then had our studies. As we headed to our first appointment, about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, we got a text from a different area saying that they had a member in the hospital in Mandurriao that was in critical condition that we should try to stop by. So after an adventure in the hospital of trying to find him, we located him in the ER. From the moment we saw him we pretty much knew that there wasn't much hope. He was about 54, and he laid on his bed w/ his son at his side, manually pumping air into his mouth to keep him breathing. It just so happened that I had met his son, Julious, and his sister a couple times while I was on Guimaras. I asked him what there was left to do and he said, "nothing," that the manual pump was the only thing keeping him alive, and that they were just waiting for their youngest sister to show up before stopping. But he said something that lifted my spirits: "but it's ok, right Elder? Because we're sealed." he was incredibly calm as he sat there, which I initially thought may be due to a little bit of shock, but I felt like it was more due to the peace and assurance he felt knowing where his father was going and that they'd be able to be together again in the future. The rest of the family was outside, and we talked with them for a little while and tried to help comfort them as best as we could. Then we assisted Julious in giving his father a blessing, the first one he's ever given, before the other elders showed up and we headed to an appointment. This morning I read in Mosiah about "the sting of death" being "swallowed up in Christ" and was again very grateful for the knowledge and peace the understanding of the Plan of Salvation brings.