Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Excerpts from Elder Pettit's Last Email!

The fact that I'll be home soon has been slowly setting in, especially this morning as I arranged my suitcases in preparation to pack, but it still hasn't quite hit me all the way. I can hardly believe this is my last week of missionary work in the mission field... Better make it a good one! We probably won't be emailing next Monday, I might shoot off a small one if I have time, but we'll be busy traveling to Iloilo and then having interviews and maybe stopping by a few stores for souvenirs before sleeping for the night. I'm excited to be back in Iloilo so I can say "hi" to some of the members from my last area. We have a dinner set up with one of the ladies there that I'll miss very much. 

My camera has lasted the whole mission! Surprising indeed if you compare it with the average missionary. My comp is only about 6 months and is already considering getting a new one because his is having some problems. I've been trying to take a lot more pictures lately, so it will be fun to be able to show them all to you when I get back and to tell all the stories related to them.

The week was another trying one! I don't mean to be negative or anything when I say it, but this sure has been one of the most difficult areas I've been in. But we are really working hard and still have the faith that the Lord will help us. I liked what Elder Neilson said a few weeks ago when he quoted the Lord in the scriptures "I can do my own work" or something was the line. It is comforting to know that He is on our side!