Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One of his first emails!

so I've been here for... 2 and a half weeks? wow, on one hand i feel like I've been here for my whole life, but at the same time it feels like time is going pretty quick! I'm a third of the way done w/ the MTC! (forgive my horrible grammar and lack of caps mother, I'm used to typing like this so it'll be faster :))
anyways, I've had some great experiences here so I'll share a few of them.
I LOVE the firesides they have here! and the devotionals. They always have random people come and speak and they are always amazing! last night they had a girl (Jenny Oaks Something) who is the daughter of Dallin H Oaks but is now married, and an accomplished violinist. she shared some experiences of her life then played the violin. Clay, get pro at the violin, it's sweet! Funny story she told tho: this year at the stadium of fire she performed. after her performance she was sitting w/ her sleeping 3 yr old in her arms, watching fireworks, and a firework went crazy and shot straight at her! she turned just in time and took it right between the shoulder blades, where it caught her clothes on fire! some guy came and helped her put the fire out, and she left with just some burns on her back and arm. Crazy! but her music was amazing. the spirit was so strong. and it was cool to see Elder Oaks in there as well :)
there is this building called the TE: training evaluation or something where you sign up to have meetings with recently returned missionaries and teachers that you can practice teaching or get advice from etc. me and my companion, elder burton (cornnuts :) haha) are going at least once a day and it's been helping so much with our teaching skills etc. but one thing you can do is sign up for a PI (Progressing Investigator) and how this works is they pretend like a real investigator, and you set up appointments like a real investigator to teach them and try to get them to progress, and once you start it, they NEVER are a teacher again! it is soo cool to get the feeling of real life teaching, it makes all of my study time so much more meaningful because i feel like this guy is an actual investigator so me and my companion try so hard to focus on his needs and how we can help him. he's a tough investigator too. he is a very good guy, smart (going to med school), doesnt have any morality problems or antying, just doesnt see a need for a God. it's so exciting working with him. tomorrow we will be teaching him the plan of salvation.
anyways, the food is still OK, not quite sick of it yet (they provide cholula sauce so everything can taste good to me haha)
i look forward to gym time every day where my district all plays basketball together usually. but sadly they are closing the gym for construction wednesday and it probably wont be back open before we leave! but oh well, we'll have to play beach volleyball or something instead.
classes feel long, but we have great teachers. the language is a struggle, but it's amazing to realize how much i know already! in two weeks, we'll be starting to teach the first lesson in Tagalog. scary thought.
our zone leader and his district leaves tonight, they were a great group of Elders and Sisters, but our new zone leader (one of my roomates, Elder Crowley) is a great guy and he'll do well.
anyways, things are going well! seeing the other group leave to the philippines makes me even more excited to get out there! 6 more weeks :)
its so good to hear from everyone. hope everyone's doing well.
love sam
Elder Pettit