Monday, August 23, 2010

Sam's email the day he left! (Today!)

(As you can see, Sam is in a hurry when he emails us and doesn't pay attention to punctuation, spelling, etc. I am saving these this way and some day he will be embarrassed!)

i cant believe it! i leave today!!!!
thanks for the reassurance about airplanes :) i'm excited for my first experience, being only an hour flight, but i don't think i'm going to thoroughly enjoy the 14+ hour one across the pacific... haha its so exciting tho. in 2 days i'm in the Philippines! i'm pretty much done packing, so its just the couple hour wait and then the last minute hustle!
yes, when you say these last weeks have flown by i know what you mean! it feels like yesterday we got our flight plans. the days sometimes are long, but before i know it it's the end of the week! and now i'm leaving!
k my flight plan got changed a tiny, so by the way things look, i'll be able to call probably first between 6 and 7 tonight at SLC, and then 9:30 to 1 ish in SF. that's probably pretty late so i'll try to call as early as possible! as for taiwan, i dont have an international calling card but maybe if there's a cheap one there i'll pick one up! i'll see what everyone else is doing.
i'm so excited to hear from everyone!
the mtc has been such a great experience for me. its sad to think i might not see some of the missionaries in my district for who knows how long, 2 years at least! maybe we'll beo n the same flight home... but its crazy how close i've grown to them. it feels like i've been best friends with tthem for years, and that we're just our own little family! i had the best district i could ask for. and my companion was so great! i feel like we've become great friends, and i'm glad to say i'll probably be seeing him around in Iloilo every now and then. I've learned so much from my district, my teachers, the study time we've had, and all of our firesides/devotionals! i have a study journal packed with notes to help me out. its crazy to think back on all of the negative feedback i've had about the mtc. maybe its just cuz my district was so perfect! and my teachers couldnt have been better! i got some more pictures, but i ordered them a couple days ago, and today they were supposed to be done, BUT something happened and i didnt get any! makes me sad. but i'll try to post them on walmart when i get to the field sometime.
thank you so much for the love and support. and all the letters and goodies!
i'm excited to call home!
pretend like you didn't read this in case that's all i talk about on the phone! haha
i love you all so much!
Elder Pettit