Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Email excerpts from September 27th

The food is all right! I’m trying to learn to cook some new things.
Canned 555 tuna is getting a little old for each dinner, but its still
tasty haha we're trying some new things this week, but so far nothing
really out of the ordinary has been eaten! When they cook fish, they
just cook the fish... there is one organ they remove because it is
bitter, other than that, the guts, the fins, the eyes, the head... all
just part of the food! Yum! I’m not a huge fan of it to be honest
Yes we take a tricycle to and from balasan every day, and sometimes
take it around the town too because the area is HUGE. Really spread
out. So if we have lots of appointments, sometimes we have to catch an
extra ride across town. Its sad to see us using so much money on the
travel, but it all works out. It’s pretty fun! My favorite place to sit
is sideways on the back of the motorcycle, or standing up on the back
of the sidecar. Those 2 places get the most wind (nice and cool!) and
I can just look out across the landscape better.
I got to see a baptism this weekend! The other elders, Ellsworth and
Andrews, had 2 teenage sisters baptized. We took about a 5-minute
drive down the road to a little beach area, and that’s where they did
it! It was so exciting to see! We have about 5 people right now
committed for baptism October 30, so hopefully I’ll be reporting about
those in about a month!
We live pretty close to the beach; close enough that they dry the fish
out right at the end of our street, so there is always a yummy fish
scent outside. mmm. But the ocean is very pretty, and there are a
couple islands just off the coast that are pretty.

Well, this week was really good. We had our record for lessons taught
in one week! We have a real funny 77-year-old man we're teaching that
is scheduled to be baptized end of October. He says I look like Barack
Obama. He says "Barackama!!" hahaha and he says my companion looks
like George bush. Do I really look like Obama? Ha-ha and people here
doubt whether I’m 100% American, because I have black hair. They
always ask if one of my parents is Pilipino or Mexican ha-ha that’s a
hard one to explain!
We are also teaching a 30-ish year old guy that is so excited about
the gospel. We just taught the plan of salvation, and he kept pointing
at our picture of the celestial kingdom and saying "that’s where I’m
going!!" its so great to be teaching these people that are prepared to
hear the gospel, are accepting it and progressing. It makes it a lot
easier when they aren't questioning everything we say! Ha-ha