Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Great Email!

We were hoping to have some photos, but apparently the download didn't work! This is an exercise in patience. Here is an excerpt from Sam's last email--you can tell he is having a great time and loving it!

October 4, 2010

Today was transfer announcements! Where we have our normal Monday meeting, but they let everyone know who's going to be leaving their areas and who is going to be being appointed to leadership positions! So super exciting. but, unexpectedly, our whole apartment of 4 elders is staying exactly the same! We thought at least Elder Ellsworth would be transferring cuz he's been in the area for a real long time, but he's still there! My companion Elder A got assigned as the new district leader. but, we're not going to be assigned to Balasan really any more :( the area we live in, Estancia, is really struggling w/ how many priesthood holders they have, so they are going to split the city in half, and we'll take half and they'll take half. but it'll be a fun change! It’s been a great week! We had some really good lessons w/ some of our progressing investigators. We taught one of them the word of wisdom that was really cool. We had 5 investigators at church from Balasan yesterday! That’s a ton compared to the average week, especially for it being a new area! So we were way excited for that. but it’s kind of sad we'll only be spending a day or two in Balasan each week now.
Before one of our lessons, my companion challenged an investigator to chess for me. I got beat pretty bad. but it was great for building a relationship! Now I just need to practice up on my skills for the next time I play him. Its fun finding small things like that to relate to people with. One time we also walked across some teens playing guitars and so I played a song for them which they thought was cool. How often do they hear a real live American play guitar and sing? Not often! haha.Hope all is going well back home! I'm having such a great time out here.
I love my mission!
Elder Sam Pettit